Waiting is….

Well, my current contract is on hold because of ‘budget crunch’ during the holidays according to the owners. Soooo, I will start looking for another remote opportunity, just in case. I am also looking at local developer positions – no traveling beyond 30 or 40 miles. Since I am (sort of) retired, I am just looking to make enough to provide some travel and slush fund money.

I am doing some studying to learn a few new(er) technologies like Web APIs, improve my VB.Net skills (sadly rusty at t he moment) and some of the javascript frameworks.

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Driver Archetypes, Part 1

I have been noticing a few archetypes that fit many drivers, and thought I would put them down ‘on paper’ so others can agree, disagree or whatever.  Here is number one:

The Stoplight Stalker

The stoplight stalker will, at a red light, stop his (or her) vehicle several car lengths from the light, and then slowly creep up on it, somehow squeezing multiple car lengths out of the line he (or she) is in.  This type of driver can be very stealthy, taking some time and very short moves to stalk his prey.  I believe that he (or she) is attempting to get close and scare the stoplight into turning green.

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Somewhat Annoying discovery

Well, this is getting just a bit old. I have not worked on this site in several months, and when I get here, lo and behold, all my posts are gone and I had to reinstall Word Press. Very annoying, particularly since I do not have copies of the old posts. That will change – all posts will be done off line, and uploaded.

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