Twiddling my thumbs

Well, I have been unemployed for about 6 months now, and am going stir-crazy.  I was going to call myself retired, but that got old real quick – plus the wife hates it when I am not doing something.  So I am putting myself back on the market, with caveats.  I am not doing anymore away from home contracts, I am looking particularly for remote opportunities – I have done remote work for several years for various contacts and like the style and forced work ethic it requires.  So, I applied for unemployment and am sending out resumes to anyone looking for remote programmers.  Luckily and other job boards can be filtered to remote only work, so it gives my a good pot to pick from.

Will post progress here when anything happens.

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Driver Archetypes – The White Line Sheep

This driver loves that white (yellow) line along the out edge of the road (the ‘fog’ line).  He (or she) will put the right front tire on that line, and will follow it anywhere, paying no notice to the actual road conditions or routing.  The driver will be totally surprised when the lane ends due to a merge, or road construction blockages, or accidents blocking the lane.  At which point there is great surprise and consternation, followed by a look of confusion and a ‘where did the road go’ mental block.

It is my belief that if one was to take some spray paint and run the line into a ditch, the driver would blindly follow it, never arriving at their destination.

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Driver Archetype – The Stop Light Stalker

Okay, here is one of the archetypes of drivers I have identified.  As time goes on, I will be posting about other identified driver types.

The Stop Light Stalker is one of those drivers who, when approaching a red stop light, will stop several car lengths from either the light or the car in front of them, then S-L-O-W-L-Y creep up on the light, as if thinking that they may be able to surprise it into changing to green.  They somehow  manage to squeeze more space out of the line at the stop light than is actually there, getting multiple car lengths from one or two open spaces.

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Well, here we go again

Well, I have moved my hosting to ANOTHER company – SmarterASP.Net.  They have a much better pricing structure than my previous hoster, and they are specifically hosting ASP.NET stacks, which makes it much easier for my old habits to work with.

I hope to be more regular with my posts here, particularly since I am now working neere my home – that means I can be home every night with my family.  Family matters dictates that I work closer to the Fort Myers area and be at home nights.

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